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Who We Are


Leading a Transformation in Corporate Training and Development

Prudentia is committed to addressing a common challenge faced by businesses globally. How to effectively re-skill employees and maximize their potential. 
We are trusted service providers in training, consultancy, and virtual learning solutions for organizations, institutions, & individuals. We also offer partner services, e-learning, and LMS, and organize learning workshops and seminars.

What We Do

Our Corporate Training Programs

We offer World-Class Courses to help your Organization accomplish Professional Excellence.

Technology Courses

Technology Courses

Our effective training can polish the technological skills of your employees, be it AI & ML, Big Data, Blockchain, Amazon Web Services, and so much more. We ensure that our courses are updated with the latest developments.

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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

Along with technical training, employees that are well-versed in soft skills can add significant value to any organization. Our soft skill development courses develop their leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and much more.

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Certification Courses

Certification Courses

What is good about being Authorized Training Partners for various technologies, if we can’t help your employees boost their careers? Along with providing certifications, our guidance ensures a thorough understanding of the course.

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Virtual Training Solutions

Virtual Training Solutions

Is your audience spread across various locations? No worries, we can still train them effectively. With state-of-the-art Pre-recorded Sessions, Live Classrooms, and much more, our teaching goes beyond geographical constraints.

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System Analysis Program

System Analysis Program

Upskill at your pace and become a certified SAP expert. Progress from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced levels through a SAP course online. Play a vital role in the smooth development and management of business processes and solutions.

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From time to time, refresher sessions are required to keep up with the latest developments in a particular field, or simply jog the memory of our former attendees. That is where our Workshops can come in handy!

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Our Trending Courses

Data <br>Science

Modern technologies are being implemented by businesses to increase productivity and efficiency Demand for data scientists is predicted to rise substantially in the coming years.

Al and ML

By delving into the field of AI and Machine Learning, career opportunities emerge in multiple sectors, from cybersecurity and visual perception to healthcare and biometric identification.

Cyber<br> Security

Last few years have witnessed an influx of aspirants opting for a Cybersecurity career. Skills and experience in the field can enable you to secure organizations’ data from cybersecurity threats.

Cloud Computing

Skills in Cloud Computing are applicable in various industries and job roles. Its expertise is relevant in software development, data analysis, network administration, and cybersecurity.


Knowledge of DevOps helps to enhance customer experience, allows faster shipments of products introduces automation, and forms a feedback loop that is beneficial for entire organization.

Full Stack Development

Fullstack developer skills are in high demand, as majority of businesses have shifted to digital formats. Be it app development, product testing through MVP, UI/UX, they can enable it all.

Business Analytics

With business analytics, professionals can conduct data management, optimization, mining, and visualization. This can boost insights and aid an organization’s decision-making.

Soft Skills Training

Corporate professionals need excellent Verbal and Behavioral skills to advance in their careers. Soft skills training courses can boost productivity, self-confidence, and lead to job success.

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How We Do

Simple Steps to Unlock Learning

Connect with us today, and discover our courses, services, and support.

Introductory Session

Our expert team will understand your requirements and budgets, and recommend the plan best suited for your organization.

Training Sessions

With training modules available in online and offline formats, you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

Continuous Support

Throughout the course, we will navigate you through the learning process, and ensure that our courses stay up-to-date.


After completing the required hours and tests of the course, the certificate of completion will be duly provided.

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What types of training programs do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of Technological programs and Soft Skills training programs. These can be certified or non-certified. Find out more here.

How can we register for a training program?

Call us at 0000000000 or drop us an email at Our team will revert within 4 hours, and proceed to understand your requirements. Alternatively, you can visit our website and fill up our Enquiry Form.

How can our company request a customized training program?

Once you register with us, our team will schedule a call to discuss your exact requirements, number of courses, budget, and so on.

Are seats transferable after booking a course?

No. Once you book the seats for a course, they are not transferable. You can, however, cancel your booking. Refer to our cancellation and refund policy to know more.

Where do you conduct the training sessions?

We offer in-person training sessions for corporates at a location of their convenience. We also conduct virtual/online sessions. 

What qualifications and experience do your trainers have?

Our trainers are industry experts with top-notch qualifications and relevant experience in their field of study.

Do you offer any post-training support or follow-up?

We ensure that you receive support and further guidance even after your training has ended.

Do you offer discounts for bulk registrations?

We certainly offer discounts. However, since the needs of each company are different, our team will go through your requirements and discuss the financials with you.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You can refer to our cancellation and refund policy.

Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients?

Certainly. We encourage you to go through some testimonials by our esteemed clients.

Need more information? Reach out to us at 0000000000 or email us at

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